What’s the Definition of Sq. Ft?

Sq. toes is a phrase that’s used as a noun or an adjective inside sentences which is the plural of sq. foot. It’s outlined as a unit of space equal to a sq. one foot lengthy on both sides.

For instance,

1. I didn’t perceive that query through which we now have to find out the sq. toes of the 2 completely different areas.

2. One-third of the brand new properties bought this yr will probably be at 3,000 sq. toes. At 4,000 sq. toes, automation nearly turns into a necessity, not a luxurious. (Jonathan Gaw)

Appropriate Areas to Use ft², sq. ft., sqft, or SF for Sq. Ft

You could find out an abbreviation for sq. toes utilized in arithmetic like in geometry or algebra. Within the area of structure or development, an abbreviation for sq. toes is used ceaselessly by folks. You may also see many educational writings through which sq. toes has been abbreviated by writers.

For instance,

• WeWork leases 1.9L sqft in Mumbai’s BKC. (Times of India)

• Adaptable “sleeping field” helps broaden this 376 sq. ft. micro-apartment. (Treehugger)


Therefore, it’s concluded that ft², sq. ft., sqft, and SF are the frequent abbreviations for the phrase sq. toes. Nevertheless, sq. ft. is used as the commonest abbreviation for sq. toes.


When to Use the Abbreviation

This measurement is often utilized in industries together with actual property, structure, and development. Since a sq. foot is a unit of measurement, you’ll additionally discover the abbreviations within the context of arithmetic and science. The abbreviation ft² is most well-liked inside a mathematical or scientific context. The abbreviation sq ft, which additionally covers each the plural and singular, seems in most different contexts. 

Headlines and titles typically embody frequent abbreviations with the intention to save house.  

What Does Sq. Ft Imply?

square feetDefinition of sq. toes: The phrase sq. toes can be utilized as a noun or an adjective and is outlined as a non-metric measurement of a sq. with one-foot sides.

For instance,

  • There are 3,000 sq. toes within the new home my husband is constructing.
  • Our geometry trainer requested for us to find out the sq. toes of three completely different areas.


There are few other ways to abbreviate the phrase sq. toes. The most typical of that are,

  • ft²
  • sq. ft.
  • sqft
  • SF

The most typical of those is sq. ft.


Extra Measurements for Space

acre | acre

hectare | ha

sq. centimeter | cm²

sq. decimeter | dm²

sq. dekameter | dam²

sq. hectometer | hm²

sq. inch | sq in

sq. kilometer | km²

sq. meter | m²

sq. mile | sq mi

sq. millimeter | mm²

sq. yard | sq yd


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