Slugs in Your Garden or Yard? 12 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Them

Beer Bash

Bury tuna fish cans or plastic yogurt cups as much as their rims, then crack a beer and fill the cups (the older and extra stale the beer, the higher). Slugs and snails might be interested in the yeasty aroma, fall in and drown. Exchange the beer as wanted.


7. Arrange a slug bar

You already know I needed to point out everybody’s favourite/least favourite slug management: beer-baited traps. Sure, no checklist of tips about the right way to eliminate slugs within the backyard is full with out a point out of beer traps. Plastic traps like these or these are baited with beer (non-alcoholic works finest). The yeast within the beer attracts slugs who then fall in and drown. It really works, however it’s additionally extremely gross. As a way to forestall a festering pile of slug corpse-infused beer, be sure you empty and re-bait the traps every day.

Set the Bait

Iron-phosphate baits are thought of secure for wildlife however lethal for slugs and snails. In response to Oregon State University Extension, iron-phosphate baits are simply as efficient as metaldehyde baits, however not poisonous to pets and wildlife. The mollusks eat the bait, stop feeding and die inside a number of days. Some model names embrace Sluggo and Garden Safe Slug & Snail Bait.

2. Use Ammonia to Kill Slugs

Family ammonia not solely kills slugs however, on the dilution ratio mentioned under, truly gives a supply of nitrogen that crops take up by means of their leaves. So it’s good in your crops.

  1. Combine 1 half ammonia with 5 elements water in a watering can. I’ve seen strategies for stronger options, however with a 1:5 ratio, there’s a smaller probability of burning the tender foliage of the crops you are attempting to guard.
  2. At daybreak or nightfall, stroll round your backyard and water all of the crops in sight.

4. Get Rid of Slugs With Eggshells and Espresso Grounds

Serve your slugs their final breakfast. Acquire eggshells and occasional grounds. Crush the eggshells, after which scatter the eggshells and occasional grounds across the space you need to defend from slugs. The espresso grounds are a pure pesticide towards slugs, and crushed eggshells will reduce up the undersides of any slug making an attempt to go over it. The additional advantage of this technique is that each eggshells and occasional grounds are a fantastic pure fertilizer in your backyard.

5. Use Damaged Eggshells

Scatter damaged eggshells in a fringe round slug favorites. The sharp edges usually are not comfy on these tender slimy our bodies. The eggshells will decompose and profit the soil, as nicely.

1. Enable Pure Predators to Thrive

Since invasive species usually are not enjoyable, we must always all be cautious of introducing new sorts of creatures to an ecosystem except they’re native and could be there anyway. That mentioned, you’ll be able to encourage native slug-hungry predators to inhabit your backyard. For instance, birds love slugs, so you would set up a hen tub. Who else likes slugs? Geese, chickens, nematodes, frogs, salamanders, newts, toads, snakes, turtles, hedgehogs, shrews, praying mantises, floor beetles, rove beetles, and fireflies, for starters.

4. Assemble a Fruity Entice

Subsequent time you snack on a citrus fruit like grapefruit or orange, unpeel the rind fastidiously so you’ll be able to preserve one bowl-shaped half in tact. Poke a gap that’s giant sufficient for a slug to suit by means of, after which sit the fruit the other way up like a dome in your backyard. The candy scent will lure slugs in, distracting them from their common meal: your crops. If a predator doesn’t get to them first, gather the fruit scraps the subsequent morning and kill any reside slugs by dumping them right into a container of soapy water.


Gastropods have delicate tummy tissue, and any sharp supplies will irritate and doubtlessly reduce their tender undersides.

For an additional layer of protection, construct a small berm a minimum of three inches broad with tremendous stone chips, crushed egg shells, diatomaceous earth (DE), or crushed oyster and clam shells.

Diatomaceous earth is derived from silicon dioxide and has sharp, abrasive edges. But it surely should stay dry to discourage gliding gastropods.

Use meals grade DE, not the fabric utilized in aquariums (which has smoother edges), and comply with directions when making use of.

Are slugs helpful for something?

It may appear tempting to napalm the slug inhabitants after they’ve eaten your strawberries, however slugs aren’t all unhealthy! In actual fact, a wholesome (however nicely managed!) slug inhabitants is sweet for the backyard. Slugs break down backyard particles and switch it into nitrogen-rich fertilizer that enhances soil vitamin (much like worm composting). In addition they are a pure meals supply for a lot of helpful bugs, birds, frogs, snakes, and toads.

How To Get Rid Of Slugs In The Backyard Naturally

Now that you already know all about slugs and the place they arrive from, you’ll be able to focus your pest management efforts to get rid of them out of your backyard.

Fortunately, you don’t must resort to utilizing poisonous chemical pesticides (and also you shouldn’t!). There are tons of secure slug management strategies that you should utilize to rid your backyard of those slimy, plant consuming pests.

5. Easy methods to eliminate slugs within the backyard with copper

The metallic copper reacts with slug slime to trigger a gentle electrical shock and ship the slug packing. You should buy copper tape here and encompass vulnerable crops with a hoop of copper. That is a straightforward approach should you simply need to defend a number of hostas, however it’s more difficult for bigger backyard areas. Nevertheless, one straightforward approach to preserve slugs out of raised beds is to make a copper collar across the outer fringe of the entire mattress by stapling or nailing a strip of copper tape or copper strips across the high of the mattress’s body. This additionally works for containers the place the copper tape could be positioned simply contained in the higher rim of the pot. There’s additionally a copper mesh known as Slug Defend (available here) that can be utilized in an identical method and is reusable. It’s a bit simpler to wrap round a single plant stem than copper tape or strips.

Garden slugs can be kept out of raised beds with c
Backyard slugs could be saved out of raised beds with copper strips, tape, or mesh.

4 Low-cost Methods to Naturally Get Rid of Slugs

Okay, you tried preventative strategies, and now you’re able to eliminate slugs in your backyard with out the usage of artificial pesticides. Excellent news! There are a ton of how to make use of traps and baits to scale back the slug inhabitants in your backyard.

Manually Eradicating Slugs

As we’ve already talked about, slugs aren’t all unhealthy! You probably have a small infestation, simply head out after nightfall with a headlamp and decide these suckers off your crops. Drop them right into a bucket of soapy water to kill them instantly, or transfer them to an space the place birds and snakes can eat them—and the circle of life continues!

Plant Entice Crops

Planting entice crops is well our favourite approach to eliminate slugs and plenty of different widespread backyard pests. The gist is that this: plant a crop that the slugs REALLY like to get pleasure from, they select that plant from the backyard buffet, after which you’ll be able to sacrifice these crops and focus your slug elimination strategies there.

On the whole, slugs prefer to eat the tender leaves and shoots of recent seedlings, however some crops are irresistible to slugs at any stage of progress. Slugs completely like to eat marigolds and basil. A sturdy border of both (or each) round your backyard can go a good distance to attract out slugs out of your tender seedlings.

Beer Traps to Bait Slugs

Beer Traps to Bait Slugs

The commonest piece of recommendation you’ll get when coping with slugs is to place out beer traps. Beer traps are straightforward and low-cost to make, and the traps work nicely as a result of slugs are interested in the scent of the yeast within the beer. Nevertheless, we don’t advocate them as a primary line of protection. These traps do drown and kill slugs, however they ceaselessly additionally kill helpful bugs, so we advocate solely going this route in case you are coping with an awesome infestation.

To make a beer entice, merely take a clear, shallow container (a cleaned-out tuna can, small yogurt container, or butter tub all work very well), and bury it within the floor with about an inch sticking up out of the soil. Fill the can with beer—any beer works, however slugs have a tendency to actually just like the yeasty odor of darker beers—after which look ahead to the slugs to crawl in and meet their demise.

Growfully Protip

Empty and refill your beer traps commonly. Slugs usually are not as interested in stale beer as they’re freshly-poured.

For beer traps to achieve success, you should place them about each 3 ft—which might turn out to be fairly expensive and labor-intensive for bigger rising areas.

Grapefruit Traps to Get Rid of Slugs

Grapefruit (and different citrus fruit) traps are reside traps which are much less lethal to helpful bugs than beer traps. Take pleasure in your self a half of a grapefruit—scooping out the flesh inside. Then place the empty grapefruit half the other way up in your backyard. In a single day, slugs might be interested in the candy scent and take cowl in these citrus domes, and within the morning, you’ll be able to take away the grapefruit half, take it distant from the backyard, and feed the birds!

Growfully Protip

Half a hollowed-out cantaloupe and an orange rind additionally work nicely for the grapefruit entice technique. Some of us additionally use upside-down flowerpots or bowls to realize an identical entice.

2. Crack Open a Chilly One

Slugs like beer as a lot as they just like the leafy greens of your backyard crops. Crack open a beer and pour it into a number of margarine tubs, then distribute the containers in varied locations across the yard, burying them in order that about an inch stays above floor. The slugs might be interested in the scent, crawl into the tubs, and drown in a single day. Eliminate the containers the subsequent morning in your trash or compost bin.

Disrupt and Displace

start line in your slug and snail administration program is to disrupt and take away their daytime hidey-holes, to the best extent that you simply’re in a position to.

Most popular hangouts generally is a tall stand of weeds or the underside of absolutely anything on or near the bottom – significantly in moist, shady areas.

Beneath boards, backyard decor, planters, ledges, decks, low-growing branches, pot rims, particles, and protecting floor covers are all prime actual property for gastropods.

To disrupt their setting, undercut low branches, burn weeds with a weed torch or trim weeds near the bottom, and take away any pointless materials they will disguise beneath.

Clearly, some areas like rock partitions, decks, meter packing containers, everlasting bird feeders, and so forth can’t be eliminated – however these spots make good places to bait and entice.


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