How to Tell if your House is Haunted

2. You Keep Hearing Strange Sounds You Cant Explain

“Bumps and creaks could be paranormal, but I love for people to look at the rational side first: Do you have squirrels in your attic? How old is your HVAC system?” Berry asks. Sometimes, electric fireplaces can cause crackling sounds that new homeowners aren’t used to, which spooks them out unnecessarily.

If you’ve run through every possible solution and can’t explain where those banging noises or sounds of footsteps or chatter are coming from, it’s worth exploring further. “A person told me they had a windchime hanging up where there’s no breeze, and sometimes it would bang really loudly,” Berry says. The person realized it only banged on specific days—an anniversary, a birthday—leading the homeowner to believe it was a little note to say, “hey, I’m thinking of you,” from a relative who’d passed away.


Previous homeowners

If you suspect you might have a haunted house on your hands, you should probably dig into the history of your property. “Once I was in somebody’s condominium,” psychic medium Negri says, “and this woman just could not breathe in her bedroom. She didn’t have breathing issues but in her bedroom she just couldn’t breathe. I found out that her room had caught on fire and the [previous] woman had died.” If you’re experiencing things you can’t explain, doing research might help clear it up for you. The hope is that once you know what happened or what you’re dealing with, you can then ease the haunting. However, some places just can’t be cleared of their histories. “One house had everything going for it,” Negri recalls, “from Indian burial ground to being a drug house for years. When I first went there, seven people had already died, one in every room. I [was] seeing dead bodies everywhere. I would clear it and then it would ooze back up. That probably had some demonic stuff to it.” These are the stories from the most haunted places in the world.

Things Arent Always Where You Left Them

If you have children, check with them before you assume you’ve got a ghost in the house. According to Spooky Stuff, “Some ghosts are mischievous, and some like to play around with objects they used regularly in life. Of course, if you actually see the object flying through the air you’ll know something is amiss!”

2. Spikes in electromagnetic field (EMF) readings

If you’ve ever watched a ghost hunting show, you may have noticed one of the most common pieces of equipment they use to detect paranormal entities are electromagnetic field (EMF) meters. An EMF is a field that surrounds an electrically charged object. Many hypothesize that when we die, the energy from our bodies gets converted into electromagnetic energy, so the presence of a ghost can be detected by an EMF spike. If you’ve noticed a high EMF reading in your building, it could be a ghost, but it could also be faulty wiring. You may want to call in your local electrician before you call in your local medium.

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3. Ask The Agent

Brian Carlisle from JR Hopper & Co says: “There are a number of houses in the Dales where viewers have commented about a bad feeling or not being comfortable in the house. In these instances, we move on as they will not buy. Having said that, if I have a house with history or stories of Ghoulies and ghosts then it’s better to make it a feature, rather than hide it and hope no one finds out. The brave and adventurous will love a good highwayman or jilted bride story.”

5. Things Keep Turning On Off On Their Own

Two of the most common instances that make people believe their home is haunted is watching their lights and TV turn on and off, without them—or Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant—triggering it. If your wiring isn’t to blame, Berry suggests doing one more test before questioning whether the undead disapproves of your lighting (or binge-watching) situation: “Make sure your neighbor doesn’t have the same remote,” he says, particularly if you live in an apartment or condo where your TVs might be sharing a wall. (Ditto if your garage door keeps opening and closing; your neighbor might have recently installed the same electronic opener.)

6. Animals Or Not

Often people report hearing unusual sounds, such as scratching and footsteps. Anything from rats to woodlice can make your mind wander with all sorts of ideas. Sometimes, it is the most simple of explanations. If these sounds continue, call an exterminator to have a look around, especially in attics and basements. If nothing is found, congratulations you have yourself a haunted house.

5. Unexplained Smells

Many people believe that a powerful sign of a ghostly presence is a familiar, but out-of-place scent – maybe the smell of cigarette smoke where no one has been smoking or the smell of perfume after everyone has left the building. It can be very disconcerting to recognize a scent that makes no sense in context, but could it actually be coming from outside of your building? Utilize an inspection system to ensure your ventilation system is functioning properly and that your air filters are regularly replaced, as air, particles and scents from the outside world could be making their way in. If you’ve found that the ventilation isn’t to blame, inspect your facility for mold, as dark, warm areas can often be the culprit.

Feeling watched

Though “feeling watched” isn’t a quantifiable factor, people who live in genuine haunted houses do report it a lot. Many believe in a kind of sixth sense. Basically, you might be in a house with a really bad vibe. “Cold chills move throughout the room,” Newkirk details, “and even just the feeling of being watched. Sometimes whispers, or being awoken in the middle of the night because of the feeling that somebody’s standing there.” Whether there is a normal explanation for this sensation or a paranormal one is hard to know for sure, but it’s definitely a contributing factor for nearly any house that is afflicted by spirits.

You Hear Mysterious Voices, Wailing, Etc

If you hear strange voices in your house, first, be sure it’s not your neighbors. If you know that it’s not, it might be time to call in an expert.

Here are some ways to soundproof your house to ensure the noises aren’t coming from outside!

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