How to Stain Cedar Wood to Protect It

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How do I lighten up this dining room?


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For what its worth, I suggest don't, please don't paint the ceiling. It is a feature of the room. A feature wall or ceiling adds value to a home. I would much rather advise my clients to re-think their choice of furniture and upholstery rather than take away from the value of their home. Another word of caution if I may – Just adding a mirror or painting on one wall will not do much by way of lightening the room. General rule of thumb is to fix before you add. (a) Walls – I would cover the walls in a bright (not white, you already have too much white on white in this room and its not helping the darkness go away) yellow modern graphics pattern wallpaper. Yellow is always a quick fix for a dark room. (b) Floor – Get a soft orange-toned rug to introduce some tonal variation in the color scheme and lighten the floors. Another option would be to go through the five step process of bleaching and lightening then re-sealing your floors existing to a pale ash gray. It requires a specialist or else you could damage the wood fibers and weaken the floor. (c) Windows – Remove the drapes and get some natural toned custom Bamboo Roman shades. Furniture – Your choice of furniture, while really nice, is not adding any lightness to the room . (d) Chairs – I would re-upholster the dining chairs in an Orange Sunbrella or other hardworking indoor-outdoor fabric. It's a small investment and will do wonders to address the issues you are having with this room. (e) Table – rather than paint the ceiling or sand the floor, I would re-finish the Dining Table in a light ash gray finish to contrast with the floor and the rug. (f) Lighting – I would switch out your existing overhead lighting with an open-syle modern six light chandelier that bounces light off the ceiling above, walls around and furniture below. (g) Sideboard – I notice the absence of a sideboard – a very useful piece in the Dining Room – I chose a modern streamlined one in bright yellow orange tone to keep the bright them going, and (h) Mirror – Finally I would add a Hollywood Regency style gold framed Mirror above the sideboard to reflect light from the chandelier in the evenings and cast a warm glow to the room when the family gathers for dinner. See style Board attached to help you visualize the changes. Have fun! Tori TORI BLACK HOME Los Angeles, CA…See More

how do I lighten up a bathroom with dark green moss colored ceramic ti


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Change thr rug from a dark color to something lighter like a tan or gray blue that matches the colors in the tile. If all the tile is like that on the floor, I don't see it as being all that dark. I might have some dark portions to it, but it also has a lot of light areas as well. What might make the room seem darker is the dark wood in the vanity and trim. If you could reface the vanity, and replace the trim with a lighter wood color, or even white, I think you would find that the tile is very nice….See More

Treating Cedar With a Bleaching Oil

If you would like the grey, weathered look of naturally aged wooden, but additionally need safety, you have to to take particular efforts to make it look pure. Making use of bleaching oil is a two-step course of.

First, the oil tones the wooden with a lightweight grey pigment to repair and stabilize the colour. Second, over a brief time frame, the oil will speed up the bleaching course of so that you simply get the weathered look quicker and with extra uniform outcomes.

The absolutely uniform weathered impact, although, will take between three and 6 months to develop. Cabot's Bleaching Oil is one outstanding model of oil applicable for artificially weathering cedar.

  • Greatest should you just like the look of weathered cedar

  • Simple utility

Cons Frequent reapplication Doesn’t change look of the cedar a lot


Learn how to Make Darkish Stained Wooden Lighter With Metal Wool

A extra simple approach on find out how to stain darkish wooden lighter is to make use of a ball of wonderful metal wool. These have the 000 grading for wonderful choices or 0000 for tremendous wonderful. You might use both grade. 

Instruments And Supplies To Stain Darkish Wooden Lighter

  • Tremendous metal wool 
  • Mineral spirits 
  • Heat water faucet
  • Security goggles 
  • Protecting hand gloves 
  • Rags for applying stain

Steps To Lighten Darkish Stained Wooden Cupboards, Furnishings and Beams

Begin by sporting your security goggles and protecting hand gloves. As soon as that’s completed, comply with these steps to make darkish stained wooden lighter with metal wool. 

Step 1: Rub The Wooden With The Metal Wool  

Soak a ball of wonderful metal wool in heat water, wring out the surplus, then calmly rub it in opposition to the wooden. Make sure you preserve the strain even whereas rubbing alongside the wooden grain to lighten the stain. 

Step 2: Wipe the Wooden With a Clear Rag Dampened in Mineral Spirits to Raise the Stain. 

Soak a clear material with some mineral spirits and rub the wooden with it alongside the grain. This could assist carry the wooden stain. 

Observe how the colour modifications whilst you wipe. The realm ought to slowly grow to be lighter than the remainder of the floor. You will have to wipe for a number of minutes to cowl your entire stained floor. Additionally, you should use extra rags if one will get too soiled. 

Step 3: Swap Again to Rubbing with Metal Wool and Maintain Alternating Between the Two. 

Put apart the mineral spirits for a bit and proceed rubbing with the metal wool. After that, swap again to the mineral spirits and a rag. Maintain alternating between these two strategies till you’ve got achieved a lighter colour that you’re proud of.

Discover that the metal wool and mineral spirits might lighten the stain colour slowly, so chances are you’ll work for a number of minutes earlier than getting the colour you need. 

After getting managed to lighten the stain, wipe the wooden utilizing a clear material to take away all traces of the mineral spirits.

This technique works finest for getting a lighter colour on oil-based stains than water-based stains.

Learn how to Lighten Wooden Stain

To lighten the darkish wooden stain, combine equal quantities of the stain you plan to lighten and pure wooden stain. To find out the hue of the stain, take a look at it on a scrap piece of wooden. Add extra pure stain in order for you the colour to be lighter. In the event you nonetheless need to make it lighter, add 1⁄2 cup (120ml) of pure stain at a time and stir completely along with your stir stick till the combination is uniform.

Ought to You Depart Cedar Untreated?

One oft-mentioned promoting level of cedar is that you may deal with it with oils, stains, or paints—or let it climate by itself. Some house owners like this look, whereas others might imagine that it appears to be like drained.

When absolutely weathered, cedar takes on a lightweight silvery-gray look. In the event you just like the weather-beaten look of a seaside cottage or an outdated barn, cedar can develop that look all by itself.

However one facet of cedar's weathering course of that doesn't enchantment to some householders is that it turns grey erratically. Whereas this course of just isn’t obvious over small areas, it’s noticeable when you’re taking a look at vast expanses, resembling siding. This impact is much more pronounced between totally different sides of the home, the place the siding might expertise solar, wind, or precipitation at totally different charges.

Issues You’ll Want

Bleaching the Wooden

  • End stripper
  • Paintbrush
  • Security glasses
  • Gloves
  • Plastic scraper
  • Oxalic acid or 2-part wooden bleach
  • Sponge
  • White vinegar
  • Cleansing material
  • 180-grit sandpaper
  • Polyurethane end

Diluting Stain earlier than Utility

  • Pure wooden stain
  • Wooden stain
  • Measuring cups
  • Paint can
  • Stir stick
  • Paintbrush
  • Scrap wooden


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