How to Replace an Interior Doorknob

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  • Make sure that the door is open while you replace the doorknob or you may lock yourself out.

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2. Set the Doorknob Chassis in the Hole

Insert the doorknob chassis – identified by a protruding shaft and two screw posts – into the doorknob hole, inserting the center shaft into the hole in the latch, says Baldwin. You may need to hold the protruding side of the latch and move slightly to align the shaft and interior latch hole.

6. Install the Doorknob

Install each doorknob by placing onto the shaft, pushing inward and snapping them into place. Install the new latch strike plate on the door jamb by inserting the two screws and tightening them clockwise with a screwdriver. Your new doorknob is now installed and ready to use.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdrivers (large and small flat-head and Phillips)

  • Wire clothes hanger, awl or ice pick (some doorknob models)


If rose covers or the latch plate are difficult to remove, place a small piece of scrap wood, a pencil or other hard object between the screwdriver shaft and door to use as lever fulcrum. This will also help prevent potential wood damage to the door caused by accidental screwdriver gouging.

Warning Be sure to install the latch mechanism with the curved section of the latch facing the direction of the latch strike plate on the door jamb. If installed incorrectly, the door will not close properly and disassembly will be necessary.


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