How to Measure Your Lawn’s Square Footage

If you begin planning a mission that entails landscaping rock, a standard query that we ge t requested is, how a lot landscaping rock do I would like?

Calculating this precisely can prevent a bunch of cash and complications.

You do not wish to order an excessive amount of as you’ll waste cash and all that further labor spreading it round. When you order too little, you will not have sufficient to cowl the panorama adequately.

There aretwo predominant elements it’s essential to think about when calculating how a lot landscaping rock you want in your mission:

  • The scale of the mission space you may be overlaying
  • How deep you need the rock to be

Instruments you have to:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Calculator


Use rock as mulch solely in beds for crops that require minimal moisture like alpine plants and cacti.

Set up obstacles round rock areas which might be subsequent to yards. This may preserve the rock in its space and preserve it from spilling over onto your garden, the place it might trigger in depth injury to your lawnmower. 


Figuring out the Measurement of Space

Step 1: Examine the Space

The primary piece of knowledge it’s essential to know is the form and dimensions of your garden, notably the width and size. It would be best to measure and multiply the world size occasions the width in toes till the sq. footage is 1,000 sq. ft. and mark off this space with the assistance of a marking software like washable paint or objects to differentiate the remedy areas border line. 

Step 2: Convert Measurements

In case your yard is rectangular or sq., measure the size and width then multiply collectively (size X width = sq. footage). For instance, in case your yard has a size of 10 toes and width of 8 toes, you’d multiply 10 by 8 to get 80 sq. toes.

Remember for triangle formed lawns, you’ll measure the size and width, multiply collectively, then divide by two ( size X width / 2 = sq. footage).

In case your garden is a not an ideal rectangle, break the garden into totally different sections to measure extra simply, then add measurements collectively to get the world’s whole sq. footage.

For remedy areas with flowerbeds and different obstructions within the yard you’ll measure the sq. footage of the thing and subtract out of your yards whole sq. footage.

Instance, you’ve got a property that’s 12,000 sq. ft. and within the center you’ve got a panorama mattress with a size of three toes and width of two toes. You’ll multiply 3 by 2 to get 6 toes, then subtract out of your yard whole.

  • 3 ft. X 2 ft. = 6 sq. ft. 
  • 12,000 sq. ft. – 6 sq. ft. = 11,994 sq. ft. 

Due to this fact, you’ll deal with an space with 11,994 sq. ft. 

Save Your Data

Save and edit your addresses: preserve emails, cellphone numbers, names, and notes. Whether or not you’re a home-owner or a contractor, it is tremendous helpful to have your space measurements at hand.

FREE Lot Measurement Calculator

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The world of a circle is the radius squared (r2) multiplied by π = 3.14. The radius is the same as one-half the diameter of the circle.

Space = π r2

Space = (3.14)r2

Instance 2:

Calculate the world of a circle with a radius of 30 ft.

Space = (3.14)r2

Space = (3.14)(30 ft)2 bear in mind, sq. the radius first then multiply by 3.14

Space = 2,826 ft²

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    I by no means would have thought to make use of Google Maps to measure my garden!! That is SUCH a useful tip! Now I don’t must exit and purchase a type of measuring wheels!! Thanks a lot!!!



The world of a triangle is one-half the bottom (b) multiplied by the peak (h).

Space = [(b)(h)] / 2

Instance 4:

Calculate the world of a triangle the place the bottom is 60 ft and the peak is 30 ft.

Space = [(b)(h)] / 2

Space = [(60ft)(30ft)] / 2

Space = 900 ft²

Find out how to Discover Your Property’s Sq. Footage with On-line Instruments

Cellular functions in your smartphone or different gadgets make measuring simpler and extra correct for you.

Listed below are some garden measuring apps:

  • Global Syn-Turf
    • Enter your tackle, after which use the Pen software to mark your grass areas
  • Google Earth
    • Enter your tackle, and use the ‘Measure distance and space’ software to mark the grassy areas of your garden
  • Measure My Lawn
    • Use the measurement instruments offered to mark the garden areas of your yard
  • Planimeter.
    • Obtain this cell app for $2.99 to measure the sq. footage of your yard

Put Your Information to Use!

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