How to Get Rid of Weed Smell From Your House, Car, Clothes & Body

How to Kill Weed Smell: Final Thoughts Bonus Tips

There is no reason why you should suffer just because others don’t like the smell of weed smoke. Use the tips above to allow you to continue indulging without your parents, landlord, or neighbors finding out. Here are a few more quick methods of killing the smell of weed:

  • ‘Accidentally’ burn a packet of microwave popcorn. This unique scent does a great job of masking the scent of herb. Make sure you don’t overdo it and get the fire brigade involved!
  • Smoke weed while the shower is running. Known as a ‘Hawaiian Hotbox,’ the smoke should dissipate along with the steam that gets sucked into the bathroom fan.
  • Dab some patchouli oil behind the ears to disguise any odor on your person.
  • Clean your bong glass regularly to reduce the odor emanating from it.
  • When all else fails, just smoke your joint outside. The main downside here is that the entire neighborhood will get the smell!


5. Make a Sploof

If you are really stressed about getting the weed smell out of your house, but can’t do any of the above options, you can make your own “Sploof.”

You need:

  • Paper towel / TP roll
  • Rubber band
  • Dryer sheet

Put the dryer sheet around one end of the paper towel roll, and then anchor it with the rubber band. You want to fill the volume of the roll with your weed smoke, so exhale slowly and steadily so that the majority of the weed smell is diffused.

Watch a tutorial here:

14. Douse Yourself in This Unisex Body/Room Spray

This spray is a must because it can be used both in rooms and on your body, plus the scents are mild and versatile enough to be unisex. This particular scent of Zum Mist is one of their most popular: frankincense and myrrh. These fragrances are made with essential oils and fragrance oil that’s phthalate-free. It’s dark, sweet and woodsy, making it the perfect unisex scent, and a way to make musty smoke smell like an aromatic forest.

Courtesy of AmazonCourtesy of Amazon

11. Invest in an Odor Control Storage Method

Due to the increased popularity and regularity of the substance in popular culture, there are now companies with the sole purpose of creating storage options for frequent smokers. One of them is STASHLOGIX, a brand that’s created somewhat of a weed lunchbox with an odor-trapping gasket and liner inside as well as adjustable dividers for different-sized buds and a waterproof zipper. On the beach and worried about the tide coming in all over your stuff? Your weed will be safe. It’s also got a combination zipper lock for keeping your stash secure and this product comes with a lifetime warranty so you won’t have to worry about it wearing out and letting the smells loose.

Courtesy of AmazonCourtesy of Amazon

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3. Febreeze It

Most Americans have at least one type of Febreeze product in their home. It’s great for gassy pets and roommates, masking that pile of dishes you “are soaking” in the sink, and for trigger-action weed smell reduction.

Open up the windows, and spray that Febreeze all over in the room you smoked the weed in. Everything might smell like Lavender for awhile, but Febreeze will definitely help when it comes to getting the weed smell out of your house.

How to Store Your Stash to Avoid Weed Smell

Smoking is definitely the quickest way to make yourself and your immediate surroundings smell like weed, but sometimes your stash itself is what’s giving you away. From a gram to an ounce, if you’re storing any amount of flower in your car or room, it’s pretty likely that it will begin to smell.

Rather than constantly having to be proactive with masking fragrances or smudging sage, you might want to consider investing in a stash box–a.k.a., a smell-proof bag or container designed specifically to cover up that weed smell.

There are many different brands with their own versions of this technology. Prices range from around $15-$300 or more, but that depends entirely on how much you’re willing to spend and how sophisticated you want your stash box to be, and how much storage room you need.

If you only ever have an eighth on you at a time and mainly roll joints or smoke out of small pipes, you’re not going to require as much storage space as someone with a substantial amount of weed and several bongs, rigs, and other pieces and paraphernalia. 

From your person

Don’t forget about hygiene

Most people focus on the space in which cannabis was smoked, but cleaning carpets and countertops won’t get rid of the smell if YOU smell like cannabis. Like cigarettes, cannabis leaves its scent on your breath and seeps into your clothes. If you need to get rid of the smell of cannabis, start with yourself: change your clothes, brush your teeth, and use mouthwash. If you have time to take a shower, do that. If you don’t, run dry shampoo through your hair. It’s not the easiest solution, but it’s guaranteed to work.

Invest in scent-proof bags

Did you know that some companies specialize in making odor-absorbing bags? Revelry Supply is one of them, and we’ve recently partnered with them to design an exclusive line of Revelry x CULTA cannabis bags. Ranging in size from small (think: stasher bags) to large (big enough to hold your cannabis and all your toiletries), each bag is smell-proof, water-resistant, and comes with an innovative Carbon Filter System that’s designed to keep the smell in.

For a limited time, CULTA patients can purchase any of the four Revelry x CULTA bags at our online store or our flagship store in Federal Hill, Baltimore. The bags will also be available for purchase at partner dispensaries. If you’re able to get your hands on one, make sure to tag us in your social media posts! 

How Do I Get Rid of Smoke Smells Inside My Home?

To get rid of any smoke smells that may be lingering in your house you want to remove the scent molecules from the air. Opening a window can do the trick over a long period of time, or use Cannabolish Odor Removing Candles & Sprays to remove any smell from the air quickly. These products are designed to neutralize odors by attacking them at their source, better than most other odor removal methods that simply mask the scent for a short period of time. Cannabolish’s line of odor removing products are a great safeguard against any future odor problems.


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