How to Get Rid of Snails Without Killing Them

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The Bitter Battle is Normally Misplaced

In my expertise, most slugs and snails have a excessive stage of perseverance.

They normally achieve thwarting all makes an attempt to eliminate them.

Even when all of the slugs in a backyard are killed, others will arrive from elsewhere to fill the hole after solely a short time.

Oddly sufficient, they appear to be much more quite a few in gardens the place a troublesome combat in opposition to them is waged.

I’ve not but heard of any gardener who has managed to eradicate slugs from his backyard by pressure.

The slug inhabitants appears immune to poison and capable of stand up to each single assault with scissors and spades.

The fight against slugs can end in despair.
The combat in opposition to slugs can finish in despair.


How do Pest Management Specialists Get Rid of Snails?

Getting rid of snails typically requires a multi-f

Eliminating snails usually requires a multi-faceted strategy. Once you work with Smith’s Pest Administration, right here’s the strategy our workforce will use to eliminate snails:

1. Inspection

To fully resolve your snail infestation, we begin with a complete inspection. We’ll search for entry factors the place the snails are coming into your private home, meals sources they might be feasting on, and some other downside areas that want consideration.

This significant step permits us to determine the species and kind of snail, whereas additionally getting a way of how in depth the snail infestation is.

2. Remedy

Primarily based on the knowledge we collect throughout our inspection, we’ll develop a focused therapy plan in your dwelling. We’ll make the most of quite a lot of strategies and management measures to eliminate snails, together with:

  • Baiting
  • Trapping
  • Monitoring
  • Exclusion and barrier ways

3. Comply with-Up

To ensure we’ve fully resolved your snail infestation, we offer common follow-up appointments. We’ll examine our therapy strategies to verify they’re nonetheless working, and make any changes wanted.

Eliminating slugs within the backyard – use baking soda!

You most likely use baking soda in your kitchen commonly – but it surely has many extra makes use of. You may clean a washing machine, descale a kettle or brighten curtains with it. It may possibly additionally show you how to within the backyard as a slug repellent.

Are you questioning whether or not utilizing baking soda to eliminate snails is troublesome? Some declare it’s the simplest methodology of eliminating slugs. All it’s a must to do is pour it in no matter spots you wish to shield in opposition to the pests. Soda creates a barrier that repels slugs and snails – they don’t seem to be capable of cross it, so they offer up and go away your backyard.

Is It Essential to Kill Slugs and Snails?

In my view, it’s not essential to kill slugs and snails utilizing any of the strategies described above.

There are a lot wiser methods to cope with the pests.

You do not want to combat them straight.

It is sufficient to ward them off passively; for instance, with barriers against slugs and snails.

What Harm Can Snails Trigger?

For a small creature, snails can pack an enormous punch. Snails have a tough,  rasp-like tongue, which they scrape throughout the sides of plant leaves. The result’s giant holes and chips throughout the floor space of the plant, which might harm and even kill your greenery.

However that’s not all they do.

Listed here are just a few causes to eliminate snails as quickly as you see them:

  • Snails scale back crop yield. You probably have a flower or a  vegetable backyard in your property, snails will eat your crops and scale back your crop yield. They’re notably arduous on leafy greens.
  • They will destroy water options. Snails and slugs are parasitic and may kill fish in ornamental ponds and water options. Plus, these water-loving mollusks reproduce quickly and may brief your electronics and clog pond or pool filters and pipes.
  • They unfold illness. Snails carry diseases and parasitic worms (together with Schistosomiasis that may be harmful for home pets and folks. Having them in your property could also be placing your well being in danger.
  • They’re unpleasant. No person needs to choose a recent leaf of lettuce from the backyard solely to discover a snail. Snails are unpleasant and disgusting and can make your yard or backyard a much less pleasing place to be.

Use Sure Terrains in your Backyard

Snails are very delicate to sure totally different terrains and you’ll utilise this. Contact with any of those terrains won’t kill snails and so they can be utilized to maintain snails both our of your plant pots or away out of your flower beds.


Snails don’t like travelling throughout any sort of gravel. It is because the small stone items are chilly and sharp which makes it uncomfortable for snails and typically the small stones follow them.

Due to this, they may keep away from travelling over gravel and inserting it across the borders of your backyard can preserve slugs away from all areas.


Slate is uncomfortable for a similar cause as gravel, which implies that snails may even keep away from travelling throughout it. It’s chilly and sharp and due to this fact can harm them typically.

Utilizing slate flags in your backyard is an effective option to deter snails from travelling throughout and to your crops due to the arduous and chilly floor.


Mulch is made up of decaying plant matter, in mulch, it’s possible you’ll discover bark shards, leaves and wooden chippings. This terrain may be very tough, and its inconsistency makes it very troublesome for snails to journey throughout so they may normally keep away from it.

Placing mulch on high of your plant soil can be good as a result of it’s designed to assist crops to develop rapidly and wholesome.

While a few of these terrains can harm snails, they can’t trigger sufficient harm to be deadly and most snails will keep away from them within the first place and due to this fact won’t get harm in any respect.

12. Unfold salt or baking soda

This can be a deadly choice, so, if you’re making an attempt to naturally deter snails with out killing them, this isn’t the choice to decide on. Baking soda and salt dry out snails and slugs, which is able to kill them. That is extremely painful for them and isn’t a pleasant option to kill them, however, since it’s such a generally used methodology, we did wish to point out it right here. So, it’s an choice, however it could be higher to attempt different choices on this record first.

12: Gravel, Bark or Wooden Chips

Gravel, bark, sharp sand and wooden chips create a barrier for snails and slugs. It makes it troublesome for the pests to get round and slide over the irregular, sharp surfaces. Including this to your gardens might help scale back the possibility of them being eaten by slugs and snails, and these high coats additionally look gorgeous in a backyard. Wooden chips and bark look nice in pure styled gardens, whereas stone and sand seems superb in trendy fashion gardens!

6. Use Killer Substances, Chemical substances, and Pesticides

Salt is without doubt one of the substances that kill snails and slugs. It absorbs water from the mollusks, dehydrating and killing them. Sprinkle salt straight on them or use it to create a barrier. Warning: Salt can hurt crops and different animals, so watch out when utilizing it.

Garlic may kill the gastropods. Combine it with water to create an answer, then spray it on the infested space.

Iron phosphate. In the case of chemical compounds, that is my number-one suggestion. As talked about earlier, this chemical is secure, so you need to use it nearly wherever.

Different chemical compounds. Different efficient chemical compounds embrace alum (aluminum sulfate), bleach (chlorine), and potassium permanganate. To make use of these chemical compounds, you solely must spray them within the infested space. Metaldehyde can be used as a pesticide. This compound is poisonous, so it might not be the best choice for folks with home animals. If you happen to resolve to make use of metaldehyde, it is best to be sure that it doesn't come into contact with folks, pets, meals, or useful animals.

2: Beer Entice

Apparently, slugs love beer! And in the event you don’t thoughts killing the slugs and snails in your backyard, a beer lure may be the best choice. Sink a butter or yoghurt tub into the bottom with the rim at soil stage. Fill this with beer to create the beer lure. The slugs and snails are attracted, fall in and drown. Be sure you use a bathtub that’s deep sufficient that the slugs or snails can’t crawl out once more. That is clearly not an important choice, nevertheless, when you’ve got pets who might get into the bathtub and drink the beer earlier than your pests!

8. Make Tiny Copper Fences

Lore has it that copper shocks slugs; although I haven’t seen a lot science behind that concept. Regardless of the magic, copper tubing, flashing, or tape works as a wonderful barrier in preserve slugs at bay. You may put it round sure crops or round entire beds – simply make sure you have beforehand trapped all of the slugs throughout the fenced space first.


Gastropods have delicate tummy tissue, and any sharp supplies will irritate and probably minimize their tender undersides.

For an additional layer of protection, construct a small berm a minimum of three inches extensive with tremendous stone chips, crushed egg shells, diatomaceous earth (DE), or crushed oyster and clam shells.

Diatomaceous earth is derived from silicon dioxide and has sharp, abrasive edges. But it surely should stay dry to discourage gliding gastropods.

Use meals grade DE, not the fabric utilized in aquariums (which has smoother edges), and comply with directions when making use of.

4. Add copper

When snails contact copper, their slime reacts in a approach that they obtain an uncomfortable electrical shock that may rapidly encourage them to show round and discover someplace else to dine. Adhesive copper tape is out there at dwelling enchancment shops, backyard facilities, or on-line and is essentially the most handy option to thrust back slugs and snails with copper. If you happen to go the adhesive copper tape route, you’ll be able to merely run the tape alongside the sides of your backyard beds to maintain snails from coming into.

If you do not need to buy copper tape or simply occur to have a jar of copper pennies mendacity round, you too can use pennies to guard your backyard. When utilizing pennies, you’ll be able to glue them to your backyard mattress to maintain them in place and can wish to ensure they’re very shut collectively so you don’t go away pathways for smaller snails and slugs to sneak by means of.


As you’ll be able to see, there are numerous methods to manage snails and slugs in your house, backyard, or water characteristic. A mixture of strategies may work greatest. Relying in your desire and different components, you’ll be able to select the strategies that swimsuit you greatest.

Find out how to eliminate slugs within the backyard? Use crops!

Crops that repel the pests are one of the simplest ways to eliminate slugs in backyard. If you happen to develop ecological greens in your backyard – contemplate including the next crops:

  • garlic,
  • onions,
  • mustard,
  • marjoram,
  • savory.

How about flowerbeds? Are you questioning in the event you can shield them from slugs naturally as nicely? After all! Many various crops can enrich the flower border and shield it from pests. They’re, as an illustration:

  • chamomile,
  • yarrow,
  • thyme,
  • sage,
  • wormwood.

A few of them are useful for well being, so you need to use them in several methods. For instance, chamomile and wormwood are good abdomen treatments, whereas sage has anti-inflammatory properties and it may be used for acne-prone pores and skin.

It is suggested to plant slug repellent crops on the acute edges of beds. This manner, the pests will probably be discouraged from additional penetration of the realm.

3. Arrange a Beer Entice

That is merciless and results in slug loss of life, however if you’re determined, right here goes. Bury an open container in order that the rim is stage with the bottom and put about an inch of beer in it. The slugs will dive into this shallow beer pool and meet their hasty demise. Verify the lure every morning and clear it out as essential.


  • Keep away from utilizing salt to kill snails, as it should seemingly harm your crops or the soil in your yard or backyard.

    Thanks! Useful 4 Not Useful 1

  • Watch out when utilizing espresso grounds, as they will have an effect on the pH of the soil.

    Thanks! Useful Not Useful 2


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Pure predators may even do their justifiable share in maintaining slug and snail numbers down, offered you will have a welcoming surroundings – which normally means no cats or canines to chase them away.

Some predators recognized to feast on gastropods embrace frogs and toads, garter snakes, lizards, hedgehogs, moles, thrushes, blackbirds, magpies, and rooks.

Which brings us to our remaining tip…


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