How to Get Rid of Slugs from Your House

Preserve Slugs and Snails Out of the Home

Slugs are slimy creatures that eat crops, and so they love dampness and darkness. They’ll wreck a backyard, particularly a vegetable backyard, in just a few nights if left to their very own units. They appear notably keen on bedding crops, that are low to the soil. Not solely can you discover them within the backyard, however you can even discover them inside your own home—which is a very horrible thought.

It’s nonetheless true, and when it occurs, it may be fairly a significant issue. There are various residence cures to do away with slugs in your own home; a few of these work and a few don't, and we will cowl that as properly. I'll share some good suggestions for eliminating slugs in your house and retaining them out of your yard and partitions.


6. Put Used Espresso Grounds to Work

In contrast to a few of us, slugs actually don’t just like the scent of floor espresso. Are you able to think about? Scatter it round crops they flock to; use it alone or combined with the eggshells. Espresso grounds can even decompose and make your crops completely satisfied.


What do slugs do and why eliminating slugs, anyway?

Backyard snails and slugs, similar to different pests, come to the backyard primarily in seek for meals. Discovering shelter on scorching sunny days is their further motivation.

However do you actually should marvel the right way to do away with snails as quickly as you see them? As for snails with out shell, that’s – slugs, it is suggested to behave instantly. They’re fairly distinctive pests and their presence within the backyard doesn’t bode properly in any respect. Nonetheless, in the event you discover backyard snails, you may maintain for some time and observe their behaviour. Typically snails don’t prey on wholesome crops and eat simply scraps or naturally dying parts.

Curiously sufficient, some snails can positively have an effect on backyard crops. They could eat weeds and their seeds. On this case, discovering a technique to kill snails is pointless.

Eliminating slugs within the backyard – use baking soda!

You in all probability use baking soda in your kitchen commonly – but it surely has many extra makes use of. You possibly can clean a washing machine, descale a kettle or brighten curtains with it. It could actually additionally enable you to within the backyard as a slug repellent.

Are you questioning whether or not utilizing baking soda to do away with snails is troublesome? Some declare it’s the simplest technique of eliminating slugs. All you need to do is pour it in no matter spots you need to defend in opposition to the pests. Soda creates a barrier that repels slugs and snails – they don’t seem to be capable of cross it, so they offer up and depart your backyard.

Why Do They Come In?

Slugs invade properties for quite a few causes, however often as a result of there’s one thing good that they need inside.

  • Slug love darkish locations, and so they enter properties at evening as a result of they’re darkish and really inviting. 
  • Additionally they are available in as a result of homes have moisture issues – slugs love moist environments! Moisture within the house is often brought on by a moist downside and could be sorted out. 
  • Within the evening homes could be fairly cool, which is a very welcoming atmosphere for slugs.  
  • One of many greatest causes they arrive in is as a result of meals has been ignored – this consists of pet meals and human meals in some circumstances. 

It’s price noting that slugs often goal older properties as a result of they’ve extra holes and dampness in them. However this doesn’t imply that they received’t enter new builds.    

1. Permit Pure Predators to Thrive

Since invasive species will not be enjoyable, we must always all be cautious of introducing new sorts of creatures to an ecosystem until they’re native and can be there anyway. That stated, you may encourage native slug-hungry predators to inhabit your backyard. For instance, birds love slugs, so you could possibly set up a chicken tub. Who else likes slugs? Geese, chickens, nematodes, frogs, salamanders, newts, toads, snakes, turtles, hedgehogs, shrews, praying mantises, floor beetles, rove beetles, and fireflies, for starters.

4. Assemble a Fruity Lure

Subsequent time you snack on a citrus fruit like grapefruit or orange, unpeel the rind rigorously so you may preserve one bowl-shaped half in tact. Poke a gap that’s massive sufficient for a slug to suit by way of, after which sit the fruit the wrong way up like a dome in your backyard. The candy scent will lure slugs in, distracting them from their standard meal: your crops. If a predator doesn’t get to them first, accumulate the fruit scraps the following morning and kill any stay slugs by dumping them right into a container of soapy water.

How one can Use Copper Tape

Should you discovered a slug in your own home, the perfect first step is to forestall them from getting inside sooner or later. A good way to do that is to make use of copper tape.

There are a selection of them in the marketplace, and as an avid gardener, I’ve tried quite a few them. I like utilizing the tape as a result of I discovered it labored greatest.

  • The tape is simply barely wider than an inch, versatile sufficient to bend and modify to shapes and corners, and is straightforward to connect. It really works nice for wrapping round flower pots and tubs.
  • It makes use of an natural resolution that doesn't really kill the slugs. It merely stops them of their tracks and sends them off in a unique route.
  • It’s also innocent to wildlife, household pets, and youngsters. That makes it totally different from slug killers similar to pellets.

I've used this tape rather a lot round the front and back doorways in addition to sure areas of my backyard. It really works rather well, is straightforward to repair, and lasts for round three years earlier than it wants changing. At all times put on gloves when placing this on, because the steel edging could be very sharp and can minimize you.

The tape is an affordable and simple technique to finish your downside. The principle downside of utilizing that is that you simply do want one thing to connect it to, and in sure circumstances, it may be very troublesome to maintain it on.


A slug, or a household of slugs, in your house is horrendous! However, as dangerous as it could appear, in the event you cope with the issue rapidly and appropriately you may eradicate the slugs from your house. 

It’s probably that the options above will take time to work, and never each resolution will work for everybody, however it’s attainable to rid your house of slugs! 

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Are slugs helpful for something?

It may appear tempting to napalm the slug inhabitants after they’ve eaten your strawberries, however slugs aren’t all dangerous! In actual fact, a wholesome (however properly managed!) slug inhabitants is nice for the backyard. Slugs break down backyard particles and switch it into nitrogen-rich fertilizer that enhances soil diet (just like worm composting). Additionally they are a pure meals supply for a lot of helpful bugs, birds, frogs, snakes, and toads.

2. Crack Open a Chilly One

Slugs like beer as a lot as they just like the leafy greens of your backyard crops. Crack open a beer and pour it into a number of margarine tubs, then distribute the containers in numerous locations across the yard, burying them in order that about an inch stays above floor. The slugs can be interested in the scent, crawl into the tubs, and drown in a single day. Eliminate the containers the following morning in your trash or compost bin.

What about natural pesticide strategies to do away with slugs (like Sluggo)?

If these strategies don’t give you the results you want, the following line of protection can be to look into pure and natural pesticides for tackling slugs. Sluggo by Monterey is a typical natural pesticide for slugs and snails created from iron phosphate. It really works by disturbing the intestine of the slugs after they ingest it, after which they cease consuming and ultimately die a number of days later.

Whereas iron phosphate is certainly an possibility in case you are coping with a really heavy, very harmful slug infestation, we suggest you strive different choices first in case you are coping with a minor or reasonable infestation. Whereas iron phosphate is mostly accepted as protected, it’s enticing to pets and birds and has been identified to be poisonous to some canines. Use it with warning round pets and youngsters.

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