How to Find the Square Footage of Your House

Why Measure Sq. Footage?

Householders ought to measure sq. footage to get an correct evaluation of their property’s measurement. The obvious purpose owners will want this info is for a property value estimation after they promote their home. The sq. footage will immediately affect the acquisition value, and it may make an enormous distinction when advertising the property.

Even if you’re not promoting your private home, it will probably nonetheless be useful to measure sq. footage. Some cities would require owners to reveal this info when making use of for renovation or constructing permits. Sq. footage may also be useful within the occasion your property worth evaluation comes out too excessive. In these circumstances, owners will need to precisely re-measure their houses’ sq. footage to get their property taxes lowered.

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What Is Included In The Sq. Footage?

In measuring the sq. footage of a home, it’s essential to know what can and may’t be included within the calculations. Not each foot of your private home enclosed by partitions will depend in the direction of complete sq. footage. As a substitute, you are attempting to find out the gross residing space — or the livable elements of your private home. Preserve studying to be taught extra concerning the specs for measuring sq. footage:

Peak Necessities

There’s one measurement far too many inexperienced “appraisers” neglect about: ceiling peak. That’s to not say you measure the realm as a three-dimensional house, however quite that the ceiling is among the standards I already alluded to. You see, for an space’s sq. footage to depend within the house’s total sq. footage, the ceiling above it should be a sure peak. In response to ANSI’s American Nationwide Normal For Single-Household Residential Buildings, completed areas should have a ceiling peak of a minimum of seven ft, “besides below beams, ducts, and different obstructions the place the peak perhaps six ft and 4 inches.” Then again, Angled ceilings should relaxation on the beforehand mentioned seven ft for a minimum of half of the room’s complete flooring space. If the ceiling is a minimum of seven ft for a minimum of half of the room’s flooring space, complete sq. foot calculations ought to embrace each space the place the ceiling is a minimum of 5 ft tall.

Garages, Protrusions, and Unfinished Areas

Irrespective of how a lot it’s possible you’ll want your storage was included within the complete sq. footage of your own home, it’s not. I repeat, garages usually are not included within the complete sq. footage of a property, even when they’re completed — that’s as a result of they don’t seem to be the identical degree as the house itself. Equally, chimneys and window areas usually are not included in a house’s sq. footage; not solely are they not completed, however they don’t seem to be on the identical degree.

Completed Residence Connections

In case you have a completed space related to the home by a completed hallway or stairway, the following space could also be included within the house’s complete sq. footage. Nonetheless, completed areas related in some other method (like by an unfinished hallway or staircase, for example) gained’t be included within the house’s complete sq. footage.

Basements & Attics

Basements don’t usually depend in the direction of a house’s gross residing space no matter whether or not they’re completed. Since they’re beneath the remainder of the house, basements can’t be included within the complete sq. footage. That stated, owners might be aware the dimensions of a completed basement in a respective itemizing elsewhere. Then again, attics could also be counted in a house’s complete sq. footage if they’re completed and meet the peak necessities said above.

Lined, Enclosed Porches

Lined, enclosed porches could also be included in a house’s gross residing space if they’re completed, and they’re heated utilizing the identical system as the remainder of the home.

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Contact an Appraiser

For those who do not feel snug going room to room measuring your property, your subsequent most suitable choice is to contact knowledgeable appraiser. These people are required to precisely measure property frequently, which implies it is best to be capable of receive the data you want. Nonetheless, needless to say hiring an appraiser does signify an extra value which you will or might not be keen to pursue. Maybe one of many extra engaging causes to rent an appraiser is that this particular person might help you resolve any discrepancies which will exist with reviews filed with the tax assessor. If you’re planning on deducting any bills associated to your private home, it’s important that points resembling these be resolved as quickly as potential.

4 Ideas for Figuring out Sq. Footage

Listed below are few issues to contemplate when making ready to measure the sq. footage or a property:

  1. 1. Draw A Ground Plan. Make a tough sketch of your property's flooring plan. This offers you a way of the way you’ll add your calculations for every room collectively. That is an particularly vital step in case you’re measuring irregularly-sized rooms with a sq. footage that contain a bit extra calculation.
  2. 2. Plan which rooms you’ll be measuring. When calculating sq. footage in any house, it is best to embrace the measurements of all of the rooms in your own home which are “completed,” enclosed by 4 partitions, and are heated or cooled. You possibly can measure areas like garages, basements, or outside areas in your personal information, however they shouldn’t be included in your sq. footage calculation.
  3. 3. Take further care with irregularly-shaped rooms. All you have to do to measure the sq. footage of sq. or rectangular areas is multiply size occasions width. Nonetheless many rooms in a house might be extra oddly formed. To find out the sq. footage of irregular rooms, measure the size of every wall utilizing a measuring tape and document the size in your flooring plan. Then divide the form of your room into common shapes like squares, triangles, or circles. Calculate the sq. footage of every separate form and add them collectively to get the full sq. footage of the room.
  4. 4. Bear in mind the steps. Embrace stairs in your house’s sq. footage calculation when you’ve got them. Multiply the depth and width of 1 stair, then multiply that quantity with the variety of stairs you will have. Some appraisers will embrace the sq. footage of stairs twice, as they’re thought-about part of the ground plan of the ground from which they’re descending and the ground to which they’re descending. There aren’t any requirements governing whether or not it is best to embrace your stairs sq. footage twice.

Who ought to measure the sq. footage of my home?

As of April 2022, Fannie Mae, a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) that buys mortgages from lenders, requires that appraisers comply with the Square Footage Method for Calculating: ANSI® Z765-2021. Whereas this normal can’t be adopted when measuring apartment-style condos, Fannie Mae requires it for any non-apartment-style residence. This contains townhouses, rowhouses, and single-family houses.

As a result of Fannie Mae purchases about half of all mortgages that lenders make, the factors that lenders have for his or her loans usually conform to Fannie Mae requirements, which now embrace having an appraiser measure a house’s sq. footage, compliance with the ANSI normal, and a computer-generated quite than a hand-drawn sketch.

Keck additionally recommends hiring an appraiser to measure the sq. footage. It’ll value you about $300 to $400, and “they’ll put their stamp on it so it’s official. That is one of the best and most dependable strategy to estimate sq. footage.”

calculate the sq. ft of a home

When making ready to measure the sq. footage of a house, be it a home, apartment, or townhouse, begin with a number of easy provides:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Calculator
  • Measuring tape and/or laser measuring device

If the property is an ideal rectangle, merely measure the size and width and multiply these two numbers collectively. For instance, in case your one-story home is 60 ft broad by 40 ft lengthy, then your property is 2,400 sq. ft (60 x 40 = 2,400).

Nonetheless, most properties have extra complicated flooring plans. When that is the case, it’s useful to comply with these easy steps to measure sq. footage.

  1. Draw a tough sketch of your total house, labeling the entire rooms you have to measure. Embrace hallways and vestibules as their very own “room.”
  2. Measure the size and width, in ft, of every room. Then, multiply the size by the width to calculate that room’s sq. footage. For instance: If a bed room is 12 ft by 20 ft, it’s 240 sq. ft (12 x 20 = 240). For every room, write the full sq. footage within the corresponding house in your sketch.
  3. As soon as every room is measured, add up all of the measurements to find out your private home’s complete sq. footage.

Notice: For those who reside in a tract house, apartment or townhome neighborhood, you could possibly get architectural drawings or grasp builder plans of your flooring plan. These might have already got your sq. footage calculated.

How can an actual property agent assist?

Contemplating the significance of sq. footage, first-time home buyers shouldn’t be afraid to succeed in out for assist. There are appraisers specializing in valuing houses in most areas.

For sellers with out an agent (generally referred to as FSBOs), a well-qualified appraiser is crucial for precisely promoting the property. Seasoned actual property brokers are accustomed to a house's spacing and may usually estimate sq. ft with out a tape measure.

Clever has educated and skilled full-service brokers everywhere in the nation who could be joyful to assist reply your questions, together with serving to you calculate the sq. footage of a home. They’ll promote your private home for a flat $3,000 or 1% over $350,000. Say goodbye to conventional actual property commissions and contact us right this moment!

Questioning how a lot your private home is value?

Intelligent’s top-rated actual property brokers might help you discover out the sq. footage of your own home and supply a comparative market evaluation (CMA). A free, no-obligation CMA is an effective way to learn the way a lot your own home may fetch in the marketplace in comparison with others of comparable measurement in your space.

Join with an agent and get a free CMA right this moment!

What to go away in (and take out of) the sq. footage

However, after all, it’s not that easy.

Storage house shouldn’t be included in sq. footage, and many requirements don’t depend basements (even when they’re completed) in total sq. footage. Both method, be sure that to measure the basement’s sq. footage in your data — you possibly can nonetheless embrace it in any future property listings.

Conversely, completed attic house that’s match for habitation and boasts a minimum of seven ft of clearance ought to be included in your GLA. The identical is true for any extra tales in the home.

For instance, suppose you’re describing a two-story house with a 1,500-square-foot first flooring, 1,000-square-foot second flooring, and 800-square-foot completed attic. You possibly can record it as 3,300 sq. ft with 1,000 sq. ft of unfinished basement and a 600-foot storage. However to explain it as a 4,900-square-foot home would mislead potential consumers concerning the measurement, and unfairly increase the property’s worth.


Figuring out how one can calculate sq. ft of homes is useful to you. Figuring out how to do that will assist you to when it comes time to promote your private home, plan for tasks, and attraction a property tax evaluation.

All inside elements of your private home are included as long as there’s a flooring you possibly can stroll on. Components of your private home that don’t depend are garages, unenclosed outside areas, accent buildings, crawl areas, or unfinished attics. Be sure that to categorise every portion of sq. footage as completed or unfinished, too.

You’ll find the sq. footage of a home by measuring every room. Assume in squares and rectangles to make measuring simpler. There’s nothing incorrect with measuring a lounge with a bump out as two items to make it simpler. Figuring sq. ft is simpler with some fundamental instruments you possible have already got, too. Now, you might be prepared to search out the sq. footage of your private home.

How To Determine Sq. Ft For Your Residence

Calculating the square footage of a home is relati

Calculating the sq. footage of a house is comparatively straightforward. To measure sq. ft, you simply need to take it one room or house at a time. Measure the size, measure the width, multiply these two and you’ve got the sq. footage of an area. For instance, let’s say a bed room in your house is 12 ft broad by 14 ft lengthy. 12 X 14 = 168, in order that bed room has 168 sq. ft.

With one further step you possibly can simply measure sq. footage for odd sized rooms that don’t finish on a particular foot measurement. Let me present you ways by barely adjusting the instance I used above.

Let’s say that bed room is 12 ft 9 inches broad (or 153 inches) and 14 ft 9 inches lengthy (or 177 inches). Discover what I did right here. Ignore the foot measurement in your measuring tape all collectively. As a substitute, solely take a look at the full inches for size and width. Right here is the maths with the additional step:

  1.  Divide every inch complete by 12 (153 divided by 12 is 12.75 and 177 divided by 12 is 14.75)
  2. Multiply the 2 numbers (12.75 x 14.75)
  3. Reply: 188, the room is 188 sq. ft

What’s included in sq. footage of a home?

The best strategy to calculate sq. footage is to measure all areas and rooms with a flooring. For those who can stroll on it it counts. Sq. footage contains the entire areas in your that’s precise house. Your sq. footage complete ought to embrace:

  • Bedrooms and the closets
  • Loos
  • Hallways
  • Kitchens
  • Dwelling or recreation rooms
  • Enclosed 3-season or all-season rooms
  • Unfinished areas like a basement

Garages, outside areas, and unfinished attics don’t depend as sq. footage.

Discovering the sq. footage of your private home

To find out the sq. footage of you want some fundamental instruments and to comply with a number of steps. The instruments wanted embrace:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape

Observe these steps to precisely measure the sq. footage in your house:

  1.  Measure each house besides the storage, the crawl house, and the attic if it’s not completed.
  2. Measure on the flooring.
  3. Squaring off areas is commonly essentially the most sensible strategy to seize the entire sq. ft.
  4. Multiply the size and the width of every house you measured.
  5. As you measure every house label every house as completed or unfinished and whether or not it’s above grade or beneath grade

If you’re searching for a house to buy, the sq. footage quantity you see within the itemizing or on-line is most definitely the full completed sq. footage. Nonetheless, you will need to understand how a lot unfinished sq. ft is current and the way a lot sq. footage is above grade or beneath grade. Every of those have an effect on a house’s worth.

Completed Vs. Unfinished Sq. Footage

Many people are confused about are basements inclu

Many individuals are confused about are basements included in sq. footage. The reply is sure, basements are included in sq. footage. Nonetheless, that sq. footage ought to be additional labeled as completed or unfinished.

Completed sq. footage is most frequently outlined as an area the place the partitions, ceiling, and flooring are all lined. What does that imply? For partitions, it’s lined if you can not see the wall framing. The skeletal construction, electrical and pipes are lined with another materials resembling drywall, panelling, or plaster. For a ceiling, this is identical as with partitions, you can not see the skeletal construction as a result of it’s lined with another materials.

As for the ground, if you’re above the bottom, the bottom materials is often subfloor also referred to as oriented strand board (OSB). It seems like plywood. If you’re within the basement or the house is a ranch on a slab, the bottom materials is probably going concrete. To be completed sq. footage, you shouldn’t be standing immediately on that materials. As a substitute, there ought to be some sort of flooring masking over the concrete or OSB like carpet, hardwood flooring, or tile, or flooring laminate.

When measuring your private home to find out its sq. footage ensure you put every quantity of sq. footage for every room or house into the completed or unfinished column.

Above Grade Sq. Footage vs. Under Grade Sq. Footage

Above grade sq. footage is sq. footage above the gradient line. The gradient line is the place the earth meets the house. Sq. footage on the principle flooring and all flooring above will virtually all the time be above grade. This solely will get a bit difficult when the house is a bi-level, tri-level, quad-level, or hillside ranch.

These house fashions might have a basement, however the lowest degree could also be known as the decrease degree. This occurs as a result of a degree of the house is partly below the gradient line but additionally partly above it. Most areas think about a degree like this to be the decrease degree and mark it as above grade sq. footage. Verify along with your native municipality, contractor, or an actual property agent for a sure reply to this query.

Work with a prime agent to find out your private home’s worth

Finally, utilizing sq. footage to estimate the worth of your private home is a crucial issue, however there are many different elements that contribute. You may as well use instruments, like HomeLight’s free Home Value Estimator to offer you a real-time ballpark estimate of your private home’s worth. Working with a top agent who can present a comparative market analysis (CMA) may also assist you to decide how the sq. footage of your private home impacts the worth.

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