37 Ways To Make Showering More Fun


  • Don’t lock the door in your house if you are there with someone you trust because it may prevent them from helping you if you became injured.

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  • Dancing in the shower can be a lot of fun, but be careful not to get so into it that you slip and fall. Talk about embarrassing!

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Art time

Watercolours and washable paints are great shower fun tools. Your child can paint on the bathroom walls with colourful and fun drawings. This is an enjoyable activity especially since you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. Go to page two for the rest of the tips to get your child to take a shower


19. Catch up on current affairs

If you’re in a hurry and need to catch up on the news, you can do so while in the shower. Crank the volume up on the television or relevant device, and get your daily dose of current affairs in the news, sports, and technology sections, so that you’re all caught up by the time you’re done.

9. Dance Dance Dance

You are already listening to music and singing along, might as well dance along to give yourself an A+ in How to make showering fun 101.

To avoid any unfortunate incidents on account of the really wet surface, we recommend that you stick to dance moves that only require you to move your upper body and arms. Anything else and incidents could occur that would ruin showers to you for a while.

3. Plan out the rest of your day

For the same reasons that you can study effectively during your morning shower, you can plan pretty effectively. You might as well make a few goals while your critical thinking skills are in full swing, and the noise from the shower should help to block out other distractions in your house. Try making a list of the day’s most important tasks (or the next day’s tasks, if you shower at night). You probably won’t have any writing tools handy while you’re in the shower, although they do exist (do a search for “shower markers” for plenty of options). But that’s a good excuse to work on your memorization skills. The American Psychological Association notes that people can boost their working memory by practicing, so even if you’re not able to retain any of your carefully made plans, you’ll at least be improving your brain functionality.

7. Turn down the temperature

If you can stand freezing water, you can reap some surprising health benefits. One group of researchers found that cold showers dramatically improve the metabolic rate of certain types of fat (probably because your body thinks you’re trapped somewhere in the Arctic Circle). There’s also moderate evidence that cold showers can decrease levels of uric acid, which is associated with gout. This might indicate that you can improve your immune system by drenching yourself in cold water. You might even reduce recovery times after a workout, and you’ll certainly be improving your willpower. If you’re willing to throw that knob over to the “cold” side, you’ll be able to do just about anything. Although we’d love to recommend cold showers wholesale, we should make an important disclaimer here: If you have any medical condition whatsoever, talk to your doctor first. The shock of an icy shower can throw your system for a loop, and only a trained physician can tell you whether it’s a good idea.

Start with play

Most children like playing with water so let them. On a hot day, trick your child to shower by squirting them with a water gun. Once your target is wet enough, continue your water fight into the bathroom. Let your kid reload the water gun while taking a shower.

6. Store equal parts Dawn and vinegar in a dispensable dish scrubbing brush for insanely easy cleaning

goodcook.com Bonus points if you wipe down the walls every time you shower so you never have to scramble to scrub before your mom shows up one day. Find out more here.

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Oct 27, 2016

    Annaliese Halgren Oct 27, 2016

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