Why Your Car Has Smelly Exhaust Fumes & How To Fix

Burning oil

If an engine is burning oil (as a result of leaking seals), you then’ll undoubtedly discover the automotive has actually smelly exhaust fumes. You may additionally discover that it creates smoke from the tailpipe (bluish in colour).


Widespread Causes for Exhaust Fumes Whereas Driving

Exhaust Leak

Some of the widespread causes for exhaust fumes whereas driving is a leak somewhere in your exhaust system. This technique needs to be sealed and tight in any respect factors. If there’s a gap someplace that there shouldn’t be, this may result in exhaust fumes seeping into the cabin of your car. 

Exhaust leaks are widespread in areas the place there may be a lot snow. Salt from the roads and rust can corrode the exhaust pipes and seals, creating holes the place hazardous fumes can escape. When you often odor exhaust fumes whereas driving, a leak may probably be the perpetrator. 

Wealthy Gasoline Combination

Your automotive’s engine wants a mix of gasoline and oxygen to ignite accurately. If the engine isn’t receiving the 2 in the fitting proportion and is getting an excessive amount of gasoline, this might lead to an exhaust odor within the cabin of your car. 

A automotive that’s operating too wealthy may have a unique odor from an exhaust leak. This odor normally is highly effective, like gasoline, as if you’re at a fuel station. Nevertheless, knowledgeable ought to examine any sturdy odor out of your automotive to make sure. Schedule an appointment with Kneble’s Auto to resolve this challenge. 

Unhealthy Window Seals

Exhaust fumes in your automotive may additionally consequence from poor seals within the home windows or doorways. These seals make the cabin as hermetic as doable to forestall exhaust and different pollution from coming into the car. If they aren’t in good situation, fumes may make their approach inside. 

Despite the fact that the fumes won’t be in as excessive a focus as they might be with an exhaust leak, they may nonetheless be probably harmful as you’re getting the fumes out of your automotive and the fumes from every other car on the road

It’s a diesel

Diesel exhaust smells a lot stronger than the exhaust from a gasoline engine. You’ll additionally discover that the exhaust is darker, notably on giant vehicles with highly effective diesel engines.

Why does my automotive odor like chemical compounds?

The catalytic converter, which helps cut back the emissions and pollution from an engine can typically emit chemical smells. A technique for this to occur is that if somebody tries to take away the catalyst themselves with out correct coaching or instruments.

One other widespread cause in your car smelling like paint thinner or different chemical compounds is likely to be as a result of an oil leak, which may come from seals within the engine’s gaskets. These seals can break down and leak oil, which may have a chemical odor.

What Does it Imply if You Scent the Exhaust in Your Automotive?

It may imply a number of issues – however it doesn’t matter what the trigger is for you, you must take your automotive to an professional mechanic as quickly as doable. Exhaust inhalation could be deadly when it occurs over an extended time frame.

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4. Burning Rubber Scent in Automotive

Except you are a racecar driver out for a spin on the observe, the odor of burning rubber in your automotive may spell hassle. The odor of burning rubber in your automotive can point out {that a} rubber hose or belt underneath the hood has loosened. When this occurs, these components can transfer round and are available into contact with sizzling engine components—therefore the burning rubber odor.

Generally, a burning rubber odor may very well be coming from an oil or fluid leak, or perhaps a broken or worn out drive belt. When you odor burning rubber, head to your nearest Firestone Full Auto Look after prognosis and expert engine repair. Free belts and hoses do not get higher with time.

2. Exhaust Scent in Automotive Inside

If there’s one automotive odor you must by no means ignore, it is exhaust fumes contained in the cabin. Exhaust fumes within the inside of your automotive most frequently point out a leak in your automotive’s exhaust system or poor seals in your home windows or doorways.

This automotive odor is harmful, as publicity to exhaust fumes inside a confined area (i.e., the within of your automotive) could be lethal to each individuals and animals. When you odor an exhaust odor in your automotive whereas driving, take it to a technician instantly to diagnose and restore the underlying challenge.

3. Use Your Different Senses To Pinpoint The Drawback

In case your car’s challenge actually is an exhaust leak, you should utilize your different senses to substantiate your suspicion.

The final a part of your automotive’s exhaust system, proper earlier than the exhaust tip, is normally the muffler or mufflers. They’re designed to quiet the noise from the engine. However, if the exhaust pipe, manifold or catalytic converter spring a leak, the exhaust gasses can be allowed to flee previous to flowing by the muffler. This can make your automotive idle louder — a complete lot louder! When you discover a louder, extra coarse engine noise coming out of your automotive, an exhaust leak might be accountable.

In case your automotive would not sound any completely different, examine for smoke coming from the tailpipe as you drive. In case your automotive emits black smoke that smells like gasoline, there may very well be a difficulty along with your engine making a wealthy air-fuel combination. You will wish to have the engine checked out and tuned-up by the professionals to eradicate this odor.

Purpose #2: Burning Oil

Over time, engines can develop small oil leaks that might in any other case go undetected. Nevertheless, if the oil leak types someplace excessive within the engine, and the oil drips down onto a sizzling part just like the exhaust pipe and burn there, you may detect an disagreeable smouldering odor within the cabin.

Whereas this is not itself more likely to do any injury, any oil leaks within the engine needs to be addressed by an professional technician sooner fairly than later. An oil leak is an indication that your engine is beginning to wear down, and could also be in want of latest seals or gaskets. Failure to have unhealthy gaskets changed can shortly result in a lot greater issues like engine overheating and main injury from lack of lubrication. A burning oil odor is an early warning signal that vital engine work could also be simply across the nook.

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3. A Gasoline Scent within the Exhaust

If the exhaust coming out of your car smells like gasoline, it is typically as a result of an excessively wealthy air/gasoline ratio. Which means that both an excessive amount of gasoline or too little air is moving into your car’s combustion chambers. This may be attributable to issues like broken and leaking gasoline injectors, a clogged air filter, a foul mass airflow sensor, or plenty of different issues. Along with a gasoline odor, you may also discover black smoke coming from the tailpipe.

2. Wealthy Air/Gasoline Ratio (Gasoline Scent)

You need to by no means odor gasoline whilst you’re driving. When you do, you would possibly wish to blame a gasoline leak, however these are fairly unusual on trendy vehicles. A extra widespread cause to odor gasoline within the cabin is {that a} wealthy air/gasoline combination is dumping some unburned gasoline into the exhaust. Both an excessive amount of gasoline is being added to the engine, or not sufficient air is attending to the engine, and the pc is unable to compensate routinely.

Gasoline that will get into the exhaust also can trigger a backfire, or injury to the catalytic converter. You will odor that acquainted, acrid aroma of a filling station. You may also see black smoke coming from the tail pipe. That is mostly attributable to issues like leaking gasoline injectors, a clogged engine air filter, a foul mass airflow sensor, unhealthy throttle physique or bad oxygen sensor.

How a Automobiles Exhaust System Works

Exhaust Header or Manifold

The exhaust header, or manifold, makes it simpler for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the engine cylinders. In vehicles with gasoline injection, the oxygen sensor is mounted within the exhaust header and is managed by a pc. If the oxygen sensor is defective or has failed, the pc can’t calculate the air/gasoline ratio, so it “guesses”, which impacts the engine’s efficiency, and this may have an effect on many different techniques in consequence. If you’re experiencing a powerful odor of gasoline as you drive, the oxygen sensor is likely one of the first issues to examine.


The exhaust travels by related pipes till it exits by the final one – the tailpipe. These interconnected pipes all through the system do extra than simply assist the exhaust transfer; they cool the pollutant gases and information them by the catalytic converter.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter modifications the dangerous carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to water vapor and carbon dioxide earlier than they exit by the tailpipe. This reduces influence on the atmosphere as a result of the weather being emitted from the automotive have been damaged down into extra fundamental types. Some converters additionally cut back dangerous nitrogen oxides. If the odor you’re smelling is that of rotten eggs, then the catalytic converter might be failing. The rotten egg odor is as a result of the converter shouldn’t be breaking down the sulfur pollution created by the engine. Catalytic converters can’t be repaired – they should be changed.


The “catback” is a system of pipes between the catalytic converter and the tailpipe. These pipes, operating alongside the underside of the car, expertise lots of put on and tear, together with harsh temperatures, injury from obstacles, tough roads, and publicity to climate which might result in rust.

Muffler & Tailpipe

An inner combustion engine runs by creating managed explosions, so it makes lots of noise. You don’t hear most of this noise as a result of the muffler, if it’s doing its job, reduces (muffles) the noise to a low degree because the exhaust leaves by the tailpipe. The muffler additionally sees lots of put on and tear, together with the tailpipe, as they consistently undergo heating and cooling between excessive temperatures.

1. Cease Driving

An exhaust leak is harmful. It is likely to be tempting to drive your automotive to a dealership whenever you odor exhaust, however we suggest calling for a tow truck, as a substitute. Respiration exhaust fumes can provide you carbon monoxide poisoning. Along with different disagreeable signs, this may trigger dizziness, confusion, blurred imaginative and prescient, and even lack of consciousness. As you possibly can think about, having a few of these signs whereas driving could be disastrous. Do not put your life at risk: have exhaust leaks checked out instantly.


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