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How Much Does a Lamborghini Cost?

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Lamborghini is an Italian car brand known for manufacturing some of the most luxurious sports cars in the market. Typical Lamborghinis go for about $200,000. Luxurious does mean that there is a heavy price tag associated with the brand. Developed in Italy in 1963, Ferruccio Lamborghini went from manufacturing tractors during WW2 to taking his practical business to a more exciting adventure. Some of the most popular Lamborghini models are the Muchielago, the Aventador, and the Gallardo.


The Sesto Elemento

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is the fastest Lamborghini available. It came out in 2011, and it has two doors, two seats, and an extremely fast V10 engine. The body and most components are made from carbon fiber making the car particularly light. The only body available is the coupe. There were only twenty of these beauties ever manufactured. This car is built for speed, so the interior is rather bare. Instead of the typical leather seat, this option only has foam seats to reduce weight. With all of the power and the ability to go from 0 – 100 in 2.2 seconds, the exterior is made to look flashy. It has a geometrical quality and a sleek look. This car is meant for someone who wants to buy the best of the best. It is priced between 2.2 and 2.9 million.

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Always be safe when you’re looking at a Lamborghini. Many people driving them get a need for speed which can lead to some problems. They are also small cars and won’t hold up well in an accident. However, knowing that, they are made for a luxurious ride. For a test ride be sure to visit our dealership in Paramus, NJ today!


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