This Subaru commercial featuring a "Lunch Stop" is back and adorable

1. Auggie



Having been five at the time of filming, Auggie is the patriarch of the family and is seen driving in most of the ads. He is a pure-bred Golden Retriever, as are both of the children (which means Auggie likely had them in a previous marriage and remarried his current wife, who is the only Labrador Retriever). Auggie has been starring in movies and TV shows for a while, but you might also recognize him from some other TV spots.

When not acting, Auggie lives on a farm with ten siblings, though not all from the same mother—again, his family life is questionable. According to Subaru, Auggie is a big fan of stuffed animals, but, you know, not the kind that were once alive.


3. Sadie



Sadie, another pure-bred Golden Retriever, was a mere six months old when she starred as the older sibling. Sadie is likely a child star who will grow up to lead a normal life, as she was adopted by a lovely family.

The family was very excited to let Sadie star in Subaru’s dog commercials, as it was a good chance for her to learn some socialization skills. And if you know any dogs who are currently looking, Sadie loves to give out puppy kisses, but she’s no hussy.

Subarus adorable Lunch Stop commercial is back

So what does this have to do with 2020? Well it seems that Subaru has brought this adorable commercial back into rotation.

While watching the latest episode of Stargirl on The CW, this commercial popped up and reminded us that this was a thing, and we have never been happier. Honestly, before this commercial aired on July 7, I had forgotten all about it. And that can’t happen! Seriously, this is one of the cuter commercials that Subaru has released.

We really do love all of these dog loving commercials from the car company, and it is rather fun to see some of the older advertisements popping back up.

If you haven’t seen the “Lunch Stop” commercial yet, check it out below:

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What do you think of all of these Subaru commercials? Are you a fan of the Barkley family ads? What do you think of the “Lunch Stop?” Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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