MINI Cooper Transmission Axle Seal

Axle Seals

Some axle seals are designed to serve a twin goal. They include and shield the brakes and sealed ball bearings from the differential fluid. The housings include an inside in addition to an outer axle seal. The inside seal accommodates the differential fluid, defending the manufacturing facility sealed bearing meeting. The outer seal accommodates fluid and protects the brake system. A bent axle might trigger continued axle seal failure. If the axle shaft is bent, it must be changed. Worn bearings will end in axle seal failure. They are often recognized by a whining or whirling noise that will increase with car pace.


2. Puddles of fluid

Some of the frequent and most noticeable indicators of an issue with one of many car’s axle shaft seals is a puddle of fluid. When the axle shaft seal fails, gear oil or transmission fluid may leak from the transmission or differential. Relying on the placement of the seal and the severity of the leak, a nasty seal might typically trigger the differential or transmission fluid to leak out totally. A leaky seal must be addressed as quickly as attainable, as a transmission or differential low on fluid due to a leak can rapidly develop into broken by overheating.

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