How Much Is My Jeep Worth? Here's How To Find Out

What goes into determining my Jeep’s resale value?

You and your Jeep have probably been through a lot together, from daily commuting to off-roading camping trips. It’s crucial to think back on how you’ve handled your vehicle to help you calculate your Jeep’s resale value. Many factors must be considered, like the following:
  • Depreciation: The moment you drive out of the Jeep dealership, the value of your vehicle depreciates. Jeeps are known to hold their resale value, and certain models can depreciate up to 35% after five years. 

  • Mileage: Your vehicle’s mileage can impact its condition and if you go past the 100,000-mile mark, you might have difficulties during the resale process. Try to maintain a limit of 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year on your vehicle. 

  • Accident history: While accidents are not always your fault, they can affect your Jeep’s resale value. Even after fully repairing your vehicle, its value can drop between 15% and 30% after an accident.

  • Model popularity: Do you have a Jeep Wrangler? You’ll have an easy time selling this popular Jeep model as they tend to maintain their value due to high demand in the market.

  • Interior and exterior conditions: Are you properly caring for your Jeep? The newer your vehicle looks, the more profit you might end up seeing. Any type of obvious dents, dings, or neglected repairs will negatively affect your car’s value.

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Resale value vs. trade-in value

Should you trade in your vehicle or resale it? A trade-in, as the name implies, involves trading in your used car to a dealership for a certain amount that will be used against a new car purchase from the dealership. On the other hand, reselling your vehicle can often lead to a greater reward, but it will likely take extra work on your part if you want a private sale. Dealerships can provide feedback on how to get your Jeep up to standard, but you’ll still need to figure out how to spruce up your car before you try to resell it

What is the MSRP of my Jeep?

Before diving right into a resale or trade-in—you need to know the original MSRP of your Jeep. Kelly Blue Book has a great price guide that you can use to identify your Jeep’s MSRP to have a better understanding of where your vehicle stands from a price viewpoint.

Key Takeaway It’s vital to know your Jeep's worth based on its MSRP, physical condition, accident history, age, and specific model before reselling your vehicle. 



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How to calculate the resale value of your car

While the condition of every Jeep model will be different, you can still estimate how much it compares in terms of resale value. Here’s a helpful tool to use to calculate your vehicle’s worth.If you want to get a general idea of how your Jeep stacks up to other models, you need to establish the depreciation value. Currently, Car Edge rates the Jeep Wrangler as one of the top performers when it comes to keeping its value over the long term—depreciating by 35% after five years with a resale value of $28,235.Bear in mind that the model year can play a huge role when determining your Jeep’s resale value, as well as other important factors like your vehicle’s condition and mileage.MORE: Trade-in vs private sale: What’s the best way to sell your car?


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