Guide to Identifying & Fixing Low Fuel Pressure in Your Machines

What the P0087 code means

P0087 is a normal OBD2 diagnostic hassle code that signifies a fault throughout the gasoline supply system. This code is ready as soon as the ECM has detected low gasoline strain on the gasoline strain sensor.

Low gasoline strain causes the Examine Engine Mild to set off by the ECM and a failsafe mode is enacted to forestall injury till repaired.


What are the signs of the P087 code?

  • Examine Engine Mild illuminated on the dashboard
  • Car might run poorly
  • Lack of engine energy, observed throughout acceleration
  • Engine misfire
  • Car might cease working


 Normally, the gasoline strain monitor doesn’t work till the gasoline strain sensor monitor is already working. When you see a concurrent gasoline strain sensor or circuit diagnostic hassle code then analyze and repair it first. Then after you possibly can concentrate on gasoline strain. . 

For the analysis of P1000 code, you’ll want a Guide Gasoline Stress Tester and OBD2 Scanner

Under are the steps to unravel the DTC code P0087 appropriately:

  • Firstly, guarantee that you’re not quick on gasoline utilizing the handbook gasoline strain tester. When you run out of gasoline, there gained’t be enough gasoline within the traces to construct the required strain which ends up in this DTC code. Clearing the DTC and including a brand new tank of gasoline will repair this immediately.
  • Examine for gasoline leaks. Apparent gasoline leaks, the place you possibly can see dripping or can odor crude gasoline as that won’t allow strain to construct correctly which is able to result in a low-pressure situation. Restore as wanted.
  • Examine the gasoline traces for crimps, which might hinder gasoline movement and stop pressurization. Some plastic gasoline traces are significantly susceptible to crimping and breakdown, impeding gasoline movement from the low-pressure pump to the high-pressure pump.
  • Examine the gasoline filter for any contamination, particularly on high-mileage autos, which might likewise hinder gasoline movement.
  • Examine the gasoline tank for injury. Exterior gasoline tank injury may have an effect on the gasoline propeller contained in the tank, resulting in poor gasoline consumption by the low-pressure gasoline pump.

Past the eventualities talked about above, it’s possible you’ll not be capable of perform any additional analysis, because the high-pressure gasoline system requires some particular extra instruments and procedures.

How Critical is This?

P0087 might end in main drivability issues if not given due consideration. It’d make your car unreliable and in worst-case eventualities, fully ineffective. In case your car isn’t working correctly otherwise you discovered an issue within the engine whilst you’re making an attempt to speed up, it’s best to get it checked at your earliest. 

In case P0087 is the underlying trigger, then there’s a probability that the engine can cease whereas driving, which makes the driving force susceptible to a wide range of hazards and accidents. A certified car technician must be contacted and repairs must be performed to get the car safely again onto the highway.

The way to Examine

Gasoline strain monitor don’t often run except the gasoline strain sensor monitor runs first and handed. Many instances, this error code is accompanied with different error code, comparable to O2 (oxygen) sensor lean or wealthy code. If this occurs, you will want to diagnose and restore it first earlier than you possibly can flip your consideration to the gasoline strain itself.

  • Begin your analysis by ensuring you didn’t run out of gasoline. It is very important have the correct amount of gasoline to pressurize the traces. In some instances, merely including a contemporary tank of gasoline will repair the issue.
  • Examine for any leaks of gasoline. Apparent leaks the place you possibly can see gasoline dripping, or odor uncooked gasoline, gained’t permit the right buildup of gasoline strain, which is able to result in low strain situation. Restore as wanted.
  • Examine the gasoline traces for kinks which will hinder the movement of gasoline and stop the required pressurization. Some plastic gasoline traces are extra susceptible to kinking, which is able to lead it to break down and hinder the gasoline movement to the excessive strain pump (from low strain pump).
  • Make certain the gasoline filter is NOT contaminated, particularly on high-mileage autos. This difficulty may hinder the movement of gasoline.
  • Examine the gasoline tank for indicators of injury. Exterior gasoline tank are inclined to break as they’re uncovered to parts, which may influence the gasoline sender contained in the tank and result in poor gasoline consumption of the low-pressure gasoline pump.

From right here on, you might also wish to carry out additional analysis for the excessive strain gasoline system utilizing particular instruments and steps.

Gasoline Sensor Substitute Value

Finest locations to order elements?  See: 19 Finest On-line Auto Elements Shops

The cost to replace a fuel rail pressure sensor ca

The fee to switch a gasoline rail strain sensor can fluctuate fairly a bit relying on make and mannequin of your car. On common, anticipate to pay between $200 and $340 complete for a gasoline rail strain sensor alternative.

Elements alone will set you again about $60 to $100 and the labor price to switch the sensor will price between $140 and $240.

After all, you’re often going to pay extra when you’ve got a dealership carry out the work in comparison with an unbiased mechanic. Except you’ve got a very good quantity of auto restore expertise, you shouldn’t try alternative your self usually.

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What are the widespread causes of code P0087 ?

Relying on yr, make, and mannequin, DTC P0087 might have variety of causes. Listed here are a few of the commonest.

  • Excessive Mileage Autos or Dangerous Gasoline – Gasoline filters are designed to catch solely a certain quantity of contamination. As soon as they replenish, they virtually block all gasoline movement. Regardless of gasoline purity requirements, contamination can construct up over time, or skilled on at the least few events, a nasty batch of super-contaminated gasoline can clog up a gasoline filter in only a few minutes.
  • 2001-2004 Normal Motors – A few of these diesel-powered autos suffered from collapsed or kinked gasoline line issues, limiting gasoline movement to the high-pressure gasoline pump. Moreover, new gasoline injectors had been prescribed to deal with this drawback. (Chevrolet Silverado, Kodiak C4500/C5500; GMC Sierra, Topkick C4500/C5500)
  • 2005-2007 Volkswagen – Some high-pressure gasoline pump cam followers failed, resulting in low gasoline strain issues. Typically, the cam follower would flip concave, typically blowing off the face and damaging the camshaft and the gasoline pump. Most autos merely required a brand new cam follower, although some required a brand new camshaft. Not often, the gasoline pump plunger was affected, requiring alternative of the gasoline pump. (Volkswagen Eos, GTI, Jetta, Passat)

Frequent Signs

Apart from the activation of the Examine Engine mild, drivers may even expertise drivability points, comparable to:

  • Tough working
  • Poor acceleration
  • Poor gasoline financial system
  • Engine misfire
  • Lack of engine energy

Relying on the severity of the issue or the make and mannequin of the car, the engine might expertise arduous beginning or might merely simply cease working.

Stress Management Valve

A strain management valve (PCV) for controlling rail strain may be positioned at one rail extremity (pump-external PCV), Determine 1, or on the pump outlet (pump-integrated PCV), Determine 2. The pump-external PCV results in decrease pump manufacturing prices however the proximity of the regulator to the injectors can introduce extra disturbances in injector dynamics. Within the pump-integrated PCV resolution, the gasoline throttled by the management valve joins the leakage movement from the pumping chambers in addition to the gasoline flowing within the pump’s cooling and lubrication circuits. This mixed movement is discharged from the pump to return to the gasoline tank.

Figure 1. Common rail diesel fuel injection system
Determine 1. Frequent rail diesel gasoline injection system with strain management valve positioned on the rail

(Supply: Bosch)

Figure 2. Bosch CP1 pump with integrated pressure
Determine 2. Bosch CP1 pump with built-in strain management valve

(Supply: Bosch)

Rail strain management with a PCV is inherently quick due to the proximity of the system enter (PCV) and system output (rail strain sensor). In different phrases, the system doesn’t embody the delay ensuing from gasoline passing by means of the excessive strain pump as could be the case for a few of the pump metering approaches.



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