Durham, NC Propane (LP Gas) Delivery

Residential LP Gas Delivery in Durham

Couch Oil Company added propane gas to our product line in 1989, and it has been popular with our customers ever since. Propane fuel is valued for being a diverse and versatile, from cooking and heating your home to powering everyday appliances. Our team installs propane tanks in new and existing homes, working closely with the building companies and heating and air conditioning companies to ensure the installation of your propane tank is done correctly.

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What About Other Types of Heat?

Propane Vs. Electric Heating

Because propane heat blows at small intervals as opposed to running over long periods of time, it’s much more cost-effective long-term. Propane heat pumps also heat the air at between 130 and 140 F, where as electric heat pumps reach about 98 F, which is just below our body temperature.

Thanks to the National Fire Protection Association’s regulations, propane has become well-known for being safe and user-friendly. It is non-toxic, produces minimal emissions, and is environmentally friendly.

Propane Vs. Oil Heating

Propane is typically priced lower than heating oil. It’s also considered to be more efficient because it can power other appliances such as water heaters, pool heaters, and ranges from one single fuel tank. Propane appliances can be vented through basic PVC pipes through a wall or roof, whereas oil heating-based appliances typically need to be vented through a chimney. Oil-burning appliances need to be maintained more meticulously than propane-burning appliances. It’s tough to beat the efficiency of propane-buring appliances!


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