Classic & Heritage Aston Martin Cars for Sale

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How much to spend?

You can expect any new Aston Martin to depreciate in line with its supercar contemporaries. And these days that can be a substantial first year drop. These cars are very seldom investments unless they are limited editions such as the rebodied Zagato derivatives, which reliably command incredible sums in perpetuity.

As for the classic market, the sky’s the limit. Recent history has been generous to old Astons, and there are a lot of less-than-brilliant cars out there being sold for big bucks. You’ll also notice some wild disparity in pricing, indicative of the fact that, with relatively rare cars that don’t come to market all that often, vendors will often chance their arm. Shop carefully. Condition and provenance are key.




Any Heritage Aston Martin that is for sale is a

Any Heritage Aston Martin that is for sale is a piece of motoring history in its own right. Each with a past and a provenance – its own story. Born out of the factory at Newport Pagnell, the next chapter in their story has brought them home to Aston Martin Works to be showcased in our Olympia showroom, itself steeped in Aston Martin history. The knowledge and passion that once designed and manufactured

the highly exclusive, collectable and iconic motor cars at Aston Martin Works lives on through our dedicated Sales Specialists who will guide you through every stage of the buying process leaving you entirely satisfied in your selection. There is no better place to find the most magnificent examples from Aston Martin’s history that are available to purchase.

Aston Martin Classics

The name DB5 is well known, even outside of the circles of old-timer fans. The model became world famous due to its role in the James Bond series and became the dream car for many. The DB5 features a cylinder capacity of 4 liters, five gears, and a powerful 286 bhp. The car’s name borrows the initials of David Brown, long time owner of Aston Martin. The brand’s car which was in production for the longest time is the Aston Martin V8, that has been manufactured in various versions since the 1960s. The original design of the V8 is by William Towns, the 5.3 liter V8 engine based on a design by Tadek Mareks. The cult status enjoyed by Aston Martin classics all over the world is not solely based on the Bond series. In large part it is due the British elegance all Aston Martins share.

Like What You See?

Now that we’ve narrowed down our All Collector Cars inventory based on your specific search criteria, we recommend that you use our robust filtering and sorting options to zero in even further on your dream vehicle.



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